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We know so much goes into creating the perfect brow. From brow pencils, paint pods, tweezing and grooming, it’s all important but what about a natural arch? Today, we’re sharing how to lift and tone your brows with the Trinity ELE attachment.

This Microcurrent Trinity ELE attachment works wonders reducing fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and lips (goodbye crows feet, smile lines, elevens, nasal folds) AND creates the most beautiful eyebrow arch. How?

Keep reading to learn how you can achieve the perfect brow lift, for an eye-raising result every time.


NuFACE ELE attachment

Are you constantly drawing your eyebrow arch, paying too much for micro-needling and failing at keeping up with facial exercises? Give yourself an easier way to achieve your ideal eyebrow.

The Trinity ELE attachment gives the perfect brow arch within minutes. You’ll want to use your ELE attachment for 5 minutes a day, 5 times a week for 60 days. Most people see an immediate lift and with regular use can maintain that perfectly lifted eyebrow.

Going for the no-makeup look? This treatment will enhance the shape of your brows for that “effortless” look without much effort.

Lift your brows with the NuFACE ELE attachment

Start with your Gel Primer and get ready to lift those brows! The microcurrent brow lift has 3 main spots to target. The beginning, middle, and end of the eyebrow. By placing the wands in each section and lifting up for 3 beeps (5 seconds each), you will instantly see your eye open and with time notice a higher arch. It’s truly that simple.


Over time we lose elasticity in our eyelids which cause them to fold, sag and look baggy. Nobody wants that!

The Trinity ELE attachment can also tackle those pesky wrinkles around the eyes like crow’s feet, droopy eyelids and lower eye wrinkles. The total treatment, including the brow lift, is 21 minutes but you can work on specific areas in 5-minute increments as you please. Use the attachment before you apply your makeup in the morning or before you go to bed.

Watch our quick tutorial on the ELE attachment in action.

You’ll always start with a clean oil-free face and apply your Gel Primer which is the essential first step for the microcurrent lift to tighten the muscles and smooth out fine lines. Glide your device from the outside into smooth out the upper and lower wrinkles.

Reduce Eye Wrinkles with NuFACE ELE


Reduce wrinkles around your eye and shape your brows like a pro.

It’s the talk of the town! Nicky Deam Editor Director at The Zoe Report added the ELE attachment as the best beauty picks in this recent online article saying, Editorial Director says, “I swear by my NuFACE facial trainer, and this eye-specific attachment is a great weapon in my ongoing fight against crow’s-feet.” Check out the article!

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What are you waiting for, it’s time you spent more time on you. The ELE attachment targets those tiny hard to reach wrinkles around your eyes and lifting your brows.

We’d love to see your results. Share a photo of your eyebrow lift on Instagram and tag #MyNuFACE for a chance to be featured!


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