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Microcurrent facials have been around for years. Known to be popular in the professional industry and in top spas, microcurrent is the alternative to a non-surgical facial-lift. Microcurrent is a safe and effective technology that provides facial stimulation to reduce fine lines, contour, tone and lift your face! If you are looking for healthier skin that glows like these beautiful women; you are at the right place.

Meet these 8 top beauty influencers. Get the scoop on why they love microcurrent treatments and learn how they incorporate NuFACE into their daily beauty regimen to get the best skin ever.

Elite Swear by Microcurrent

1. Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is the master of makeup, with 25 years of teaching women how to easily apply natural makeup she has built an empire that all women alike love. With any makeup guru, it goes hand in hand that she takes care of her skin inside and out. She is a natural at showing off her beautiful face without heavy makeup.

In her best selling book, Bobbi Brown Beauty from the Inside Out: Makeup * Wellness * Confidence she shares her lifelong philosophies, essential skincare routines, cool makeup techniques and the latest cutting-edge beauty treatments she loves, including the NuFACE Trinity.

Bobbi Brown loves her NuFACE Device

Bobbi created a pop-up store with Lord & Taylor filled with her favorite beauty, lifestyle, and keepsake pieces. Bobbi says, “I love NuFACE, it’s actually one of those amazing things that you can see a difference. Whenever I feel tired and need a pick-me-up, I use it. I wish I had time to go get a facial, but I don’t, and this is incredible.”

2. Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman is the IT girl you want to follow on Instagram right now. She is a DJ, model, a world-traveler, beauty app creator and an entrepreneur who is obsessed with microcurrent-facials because “they’re a game-changer”. Hannah graced the cover of Brides magazine with her flawless skin.

She leaked to PopSugar her secret to beautiful looking skin. Her aesthetician Shamara Bondaroff of SB Skin, illuminates her skin with microcurrent technology which Hannah says, “reduces fine lines, boosts collagen and improves muscle tone.” She likes to get facials regularly but also is a fan of her at-home tech, the NuFACE Trinity device. “It’s good and the NuFACE device gives a little lift.”

3.Georgia Louise

Georgia Louise has been rated as one of the world’s most sought after Facialists. Her high-profile spa, Atelier, is located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Her facial treatments are designed to naturally and instantly lift cheekbones and brows, which is exactly what the NuFACE Trinity and mini devices do.

Georgia frequently uses her NuFACE Trinity with ELE Attachment on clients looking for the perfect lifting & toning experience. Result? Revitalized eyes and youthful-looking skin. Above, see the ELE attachment in action. If you get to visit Atelier, stop in and get a treatment – it’s amazing and she too sells NuFACE.

4. Miranda Kerr

Supermodel Miranda Kerr actually applied her own makeup when she married billionaire Evan Spigel and she looked drop. dead. gorgeous. In her video, she shows us how she uses her NuFACE Trinity, to lift her brow arch, jawline and cheekbones with the power of microcurrent technology. You too can re-create her wedding look, it’s all about the skin with a bit of color.

Miranda is a model, mom, and founder of KORA cosmetics, so she definitely knows about skincare and cosmetics. She breaks down her step by step makeup look starting with a NuFACE microcurrent facial treatment in this amazing video tutorial.

5. Shani Darden

Skincare guru Shani Darden knows the ins and outs about caring for skin. Shani tends to some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Emily Ratajkowski to ensure their skin is ready for a close up. Her bff also happens to be Jessica Alba whom she also frequently uses the NuFACE device on.

Shani Darden celebrity aesthetician used NuFACE

Shani swears by her NuFACE Trinity for radiant, lifted, and vibrant skin. In her words with In To The Gloss: “I love microcurrent. I think it’s the greatest thing. The handheld works really well—if you use it. I do under my eyes and around my mouth every morning to tighten and train the muscles the more you do it. But you have to commit to it. A lot of people buy them and they just leave them in the drawer. That won’t help you.”

We agree, Shani. 

Influencer’s Who Master the Lift

Influencers are sharing all over social media what they love about NuFACE. Here are a few well-known bloggers that are sharing their beauty pro tips so you too can be a master at lifting.

6. Chriselle from The Chriselle Factor says this device is her secret weapon. She sees a difference in her skin and really loves that it looks and feels like an instant face lift. Read her full post around her must-have beauty gadgets here.


7. Brooke from KB Styled has added her NuFACE Pinktini mini to her regular morning routine. She likes the travel-friendly size of her mini to show off in her bathroom or take on her next vacation.


8. Kathleen Jennings is a beauty lover and provides a space with honest reviews about the products she enjoys. She bought her mini and has been using it regularly for optimal results. “I have been diligently using NuFace for about six months now and I can truly say it is legit and will subtly lift your sagging face. It’s unbelievable and it works…It’s great because I’m not somebody who believes in injectables at all.”


There you have it, 8 beauty industry professionals reveal how microcurrent has changed the beauty industry game.

Now it’s your turn to become a master of microcurrent. Now that you’ve heard from these 8 influencers, how will you bring this into your beauty routine?


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