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Microcurrent technology fitness for your face

Ladies, it’s time to shape up. Your face that is. Have you heard the term “Fitness For Your Face™?

At NuFACE we’ve trademarked the phrase Fitness For Your Face™, why, you ask? Because our microcurrent devices do just that. While exercising sculpts and tones your body, NuFACE microcurrent technology is lifting and toning your facial muscles for long lasting results. Think of it as skincare is your nutrition and microcurrent is your exercise, simply put.

Who wouldn’t want that?

NuFACE Fitness for your face microcurrent technology


We understand that we have to keep the muscles in our body strong and healthy in order to look youthful. But have you worked out your face? Our face has a ton of facial muscles, 43 to be exact, that control our expressions and facial structure.

As we age these muscles lose strength and since the skin on our faces is attached directly to the muscles the sagging translates to dreaded wrinkles, droopy jowls, and more. Our mini and Trinity microcurrent facial toning devices can improve contour, skintone and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

We are not talking about funny facial exercises but actually lifting wrinkles and sagging skin. See these amazing results

It’s simple to add this 5-minute beauty treatment while you get ready. Make it part of your morning or evening routine, whichever fits your schedule best.


When you upgrade to the Trinity device you will be able to use our multi-solution attachments, including the facial trainer (comes with the device,) the ELE attachment, and even a red LED attachment called the Wrinkle Reducer.

Raise your eyebrow game with the targeted ELE attachment. Target smile lines and smooth out those elevens.

Trinity ELE attachment raise your brows

The Trinity ELE and Trinity Wrinkle Reducer attachment targets specific concerns to give you optimal results.

NuFACE Trinity with ELE attachment

The Facial Trainer targets the larger muscles on your face to provide a full facial-lift. This helps lift the jowls, contour the cheeks, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. You can see for yourself in these before and after results.

Improved facial contour and skintone in just 60 days.

NuFACE wrinkles reduced, lifted jawline results before and after 60 days

The ELE attachment, also known as the Effective Eye and Lip attachment, targets the smaller muscles around the eyes and lips with precision.

You can get the perfect eyebrow arch, smooth out wrinkles around your eyes, and even reduce smile lines and those pesky elevens between the brows. The wands send out the same soft waves as the facial trainer, but focusing on a more precise area of the face.

Reduced wrinkles on crows feet

Don’t let gravity take over!

Reverse the signs of aging with the NuFACE Trinity and ELE attachment. Remember microcurrent technology is Fitness For Your Face™, keeping your facial muscles and skin looking tight and firm is what we do. Are you ready for long-lasting results, in just 5-minutes a day?  What are you waiting for?


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