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Guest Blogger: Jenn

With the hot summer months ahead of us, keeping your hair looking fresh and voluminous can become a bit of a challenge. The dry air can make your hair feel brittle and damaged, and maintaining lush, moisturized hair can seem next to impossible.

Not to worry! We share with you insider tips and tricks to keep you looking like the hair goddess you are during the hot summer months and beyond!

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Tips For Hair in the Sun

During the summer, protecting your hair from the sun and heat, and remembering to moisturize and condition frequently is key to keeping your hair happy and healthy in the heat.

These five tips are important to keep in mind when spending a lot of time in the outdoors this summer:

  • Avoid brushing or combing your hair when it is wet since this is when your hair is most susceptible to breakage, and stick to a wide-toothed comb when detangling dry hair to minimize breakage
  • Stick to loose hairstyles such as messy braids or buns as tighter hair styles can be damaging to your hair
  • Reduce hair washing days as too much shampooing can strip your hair of its natural oils, and invest in a good dry shampoo
  • Try to cover your hair up with a scarf or hat whenever possible to protect your hair from sun damage and to retain scalp moisture
  • Avoid heat tools as much as possible and let your hair air dry if you have the time
fishtail braid for summer

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Pinterest Worthy Summer Hair Styles

This summer, focus on quick and easy hairstyles that don’t require a lot of styling or heat tools, can be achieved with damp hair and will hold up in high temperatures. Remember to stick to looser hairstyles to keep your hair and your head happy.

Some great summer hairstyles include:

  • A half-up ponytail – A trendy look that can take a casual or more formal spin
  • A loose fishtail braid – Great to pair with a more formal dress or jumpsuit
  • A messy top-knot – This look is cute, easy and keeps you cool during those scorching, hot days
  • Natural beach waves – A great effortless look for everyday wear
  • A messy ponytail – Another great formal look that will also keep you cool during a warm night out

Best Products For Your Hair

Fun times at the beach can make for the perfect summer day, however your hair may not be on the same page. Beach days can unfortunately leave your hair feeling dry, tangled and distressed. We share with you top hair products to keep an eye out for this summer that will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and happy:

Make sure to stock up on these hair lifesavers and you will not be disappointed!

Remember to show your hair some extra TLC this summer as the extra heat and sunlight can be damaging and distressing for your lovely lady locks. Keep your hair healthy and happy this summer and it will return the love with endless volume and shine!


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