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In a world of quickly advancing technology, it can be hard to figure out what actually works and is worth the money, AND if you really need it in your life.

For the next few minutes, we’re going to teach you all you need to know about the exciting new gadgets that were revealed at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, including how they work and what they’re used for. Listen up!

Top 10 Gadgets You Need to Try and Why

  • U by Moen Showers – This smartphone app allows you turn on your shower and preheat the water, and control water temperature and shower duration ($1,225).
  • PROOF by Milo Sensors – This wearable gadget comes in the form of a bracelet and tracks your BAC levels, sending the numbers to your smartphone so you know if it’s time to set down that extra glass of wine.
  • Osterhout Design Group Smart Glasses – Two new models of these smart glasses will be released and are known for augmented and virtual reality experiences ($1,799).
  • Polaroid Pop – A photo-printing polaroid camera that allows you to view your photos on an LCD screen located on the back of the camera and instantly print your photos. The photos can also be sent to your smartphone through the Polaroid print app to be edited before printing.
  • FLOW by Plume Labs – A gadget that tracks pollution levels that can be clipped to your purse and is a good idea for people who live in big cities with poor air quality to monitor and reduce your exposure to pollution.
  • Motiv Ring – A ring that tracks your activity, heart rate and sleep. Think ring-sized Fitbit! ($199)
  • Sony Bravia Television – This new TV has an edge-to-edge design and can sit directly on the floor with a backstand. The TV doesn’t have speakers, using a new technology that enables sound to come directly from the screen.
  • Kuri Home Robot – Kuri is an adorable robot designed for the home that responds to the human commands, playing music and monitoring the house for anything that seems awry ($699).
  • Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed – This new bed senses your movements and automatically adjusts firmness, comfort and support to keep you sleeping peacefully all night long ($3,499).
  • Griffin Connected Toaster – An advanced toaster controlled by a smartphone app that offers personalized settings for the perfect slice of toast.

5 Cool Beauty Gadgets

  • HiMirror Plus – This advanced mirror can sense if you have wrinkles, has 5 different lighting settings to use during makeup application and keeps track of your skin to alert you of any changes ($259).
  • Keratese Hair Coach – This hairbrush can determine if your hair is dry or damaged and will let you know if you are brushing your hair correctly ($200).
  • HiSkin – This device works with the HiMirror to analyze the hydration and melanin levels of your skin and can be used on your forehead, eye area, upper cheek, lower cheek and chin ($50).
  • YouCam Smartphone App – This free app allows you to try on different styles and shades of eye shadow, eyeliner and more to find what looks work best for you!
  • Ekko Mirror – This mirror does more than help you apply your makeup, it can show you news, weather and play music, and is controlled by motion sensors on the side of the mirror ($449).
The ekko smart mirror perfect for your bathroom

Source: BizJournals

There you have it!

Is there a cool, new gadget that caught your eye? Keep an eye out for the release of these new products throughout the year and stay updated with the ever-changing technology advances around us!


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