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How to get the perfect eyebrows

Guest Blogger: Katrina

Beauty and eyebrows go hand-in-hand, and it goes without saying that there is nothing hotter in the world of beauty right now than a great set of power brows. Yes, eyebrows are having a major moment. Those patches of hair above your lids have the ability to transform your whole look.

Let’s take a peek into the quest for the “perfect brow”.

Model with perfect brows

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Like fashion and hairstyles, eyebrow trends change with time. Do you remember when the mullet was in? Yikes. The search for the perfect brow has been a long (sometimes strange) journey that continues to evolve decade by decade.

The most iconic eyebrows ever from celebrities

Source: Vogue

Bold, fierce statement brows are a popular look today, but what if we told you it hasn’t always been this way?

From Cleopatra to Cara Delevingne, here are some brow trends we can all be thankful for!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane…

We’ve seen thin, thick, unibrow, arched, straight, bleached, tweezed, waxed… the list goes on and on. The more we’ve seen, the more we’ve understood that the art of brows can truly make a bold beauty statement.


If eyes are the window to the soul, then eyebrows are the frame to your face. We’re here to tell you that brows are not one-size-fits-all.

The perfect brow for your face shape


Different face shapes mean different brow shapes. Makes sense, right? Here’s the breakdown.

If you have an oval-shaped face, you’re one lucky gal. You will practically look great no matter what you do, but beauty experts agree that slightly arched brows work best! By the looks of Jessica Alba, we’d have to agree.

For all you heart-shaped beauties, less is more. A low, straight-ish arch that hugs your brow bone is recommended, but your focus should mainly be about keeping your natural brow shape groomed and cleaned.

For the lovely ladies that share a square-shaped face, your goal should be to soften the jawline. Try creating a highlighted, slightly angled or curved arch to bring balance to your facial features!


Brow maintenance should be an essential part of any beauty routine. That’s why it’s worth going the extra mile to purchase just the right products that work best for your eyebrows.

Finding the right products that helps you tame, sculpt, and define your brows is crucial. We’ve crafted a list of beauty breakthrough products and tools that will transform your brows from weak to fleak! Ladies, take notes.

How to shape your eyebrows like a pro

Source: Popsugar

1.Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel by Benefit Cosmetics

Give your brows some three-dimensional WOW with an award-winning, brow-volumizing, fiber gel that mimics the look of real hair for fuller-looking brows. This innovative brush-on gel has tiny microfibers that adhere to skin and hair, creating lush-looking brows where before there were none.

The Benefit Brow Game is the best brow brush out there

Source: Sephora

2. Brow Pen by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia’s Brow Pen glides on easily, clinging to both skin and hair, for a lush and natural look. Use it as a base to increase your current brow makeup’s staying power or to fill in sparse areas for a fuller look. This brow pen is magical, creating the perfect illusion of fuller, textured brows.

Brown Pen by Anastasia

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3.Brow Gel by NARS

Effortlessly elevate your brow looks with a simple brush of the brows. The NARS Brow Gel is a glossy, easy gliding gel to tame, tidy and groom eyebrows—adding shape and definition to every angle while creating a fuller, smoother brow look to perfectly set the symmetry of the face.

Brow Gel by Nars

Source: Nars

4.NuFACE Trinity ELE Attachment

This FDA-cleared microcurrent treatment ELE attachment for your NuFACE Trinity device precisely targets hard-to-reach eyebrow furrows, crow’s feet and smile lines to improve the overall appearance of the eye and lip areas.

TIP: Use before applying make-up for a look that extra WOW factor!

Get lifted eyebrows using NuFACE ELE attachment


Unfortunately, not all eyebrows are on fleek. Here is living proof…

Horrible eyebrow stories

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Let’s be real, we’ve all been guilty of making this face once or twice before…

Brows are a key feature that make your face stand out. If history has proven anything, it’s that the general fascination with lush eyebrows is not going away anytime soon. If your brow game is NOT on point, there’s still hope after reading this blog!


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